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e's abuses that position. He treats me like I'm a special treasure that he's lucky enough to have stumbled upon so it's levitra 20 cool, and I remembered that rush I got when Robbie buy levitra acted submissive to me too. I can see things from both sides now, and I can see that's it's basically harmless if it's just in good fun like us boys are doing it. A madman like the mohawk man, or like Joel, well that's a different story entirely. I'm sure I'll be in for a rough time with Joel next weekend, and I understand too that it's really outrageouly unfair that I need to put up with it buy levitra just to keep my job, but levitra generic no one ever said life is fair. Doing what Joel wants sucks!, but being submissive vardenafil to Willie, that's play time, the toy store of life... fun and games, that's all it is really, and with Willie I kind of like it. Of course, the fact that I love him just might have something to do with the way I rationalized about certain things, but so what, I'm happy. DYLAN'S DILEMMA PART 12 Chapter Three We didn't get lucky with a parking spot and it was a six block walk from where vardenafil Willie parked the car to the block party. On the way Willie buy levitra online walked with his arm around my waist as he usually does, there were others walking too, so I asked in a real low voice, "Ah, buy levitra online Willie... remember at Sea generic levitra Isle you said you'd walk with your arm around my shoulders? Ya know, I feel more comfortable that way, if you levitra online don't mind too much." In a good-natured way Willie goes, "First off, it was my arm levitra 20mg around your levitra 20mg neck, not around your shoulders, and secondly... yes, I do mind "too much". I want everyone to know you're my boyfriend. OK, Dylan?" I huffed an exaggerated exhale and thought about Sea Isle that Sunday morning, laying in bed hung over, I'd asked him where he'd gotten his ideas for proper dating protocol such as the arm around your boyfriend's waist, wearing the same haircuts, etc... where did it all come from. He hadn't known what I was talking about. He said something to the affect that everyone knows that this is the way levitra coupon it's done, buy levitra online what did I mean "where did he get the idea?" online levitra Then he went on to include the concept about one boy in a gay relationship being the "lead"... he meant "dominant", but he knows that term aggravates me. It was all explained in this off-hand manner of Willie's as if it should all be perfectly obvious. That made me think again about the irony of me expecting to change Willie little by little, when it's actually him that's changing me little by little. It's comical really, Willie can be so unassuming and the levitra 20 mg next thing I know we're doing things exactly the levitra 20 mg way he wants. As we walked toward the block party, Willie's arm still around my waist pulling me against him, I wondered when it was that I'd buy levitra fallen in love with him. It's not as if a light, all of a sudden, turned on in my head or anything like that, it's more like an after-thought... like, hey I'm in love with him! It was generic vardenafil sometime during the weekend in Sea Isle City, probably when he put his foot down with levitra 20 me but afterward was so clever he still somehow made me fall in love with him. He has a magnetic personality as far as I'm concerned... all generic levitra online the things he can do, and has already done, and all the people he knows... it fascinates me. Willie is the most unique person I've ever met... well, he's in competition with Chubby for that generic vardenafil title I guess. They're very different levitra online boys except in two areas... self assurance and their own generic levitra original way of interacting with the world around them. They're both pretty cute too, which don't hurt the situation any. As generic levitra online we walked toward the levitra online block party, sharing a online levitra cigarette, most of the people around buy levitra online us generic levitra paid us no mind, the exception being online levitra three guys together around buy levitra a bench, passing a quart bottle of beer back and forth. The bench they were lounging on was in this well manicured common area we were walking by. They appeared to be about twenty years old or so. The one who looked like a young Leonardo Di Caprio shouted out, "You girls look cute together. Ya want to really have a good time, how bout giving us some head!" Willie flashed them the finger and yelled back, vardenafil "Hey, fuck you, levitra generic ya losers! Shouldn't you be off shining shoes somewhere?" I was shocked he would call these three out, and not only that, but he stops and sort levitra coupon of challenges them to do generic levitra online something levitra generic about it. They stayed levitra 20 mg where they were and shouted back, "Move it along fairy boys, you're giving the neighborhood a bad odor" but they were less enthusiastic with that last online levitra insult then their initial one. Willie laughed generic vardenafil at them, gave them the finger again buy levitra online and yelled, "Practice this line assholes.. you want fries with your order?" and he generic levitra online tugged on my side a little indicating we'd be sauntering on our way now. The three guys had a weak, "Queers!" call, levitra coupon but that was it. My heart was levitra 20 mg beating fast. I've levitra 20 been in my share of fights, Chubby and I both have, but antagonizing three healthy twenty-something year levitra 20mg vardenafil old guys isn't a move I'd normally make... leave sleeping dogs lie, pretend you didn't hear levitra online them, or something like that. Not levitra coupon Willie, and it's funny too because usually he's oblivious to his surroundings ... surroundings that don't interest him that is. He seems generic levitra to be aware of every step I take of course, but all the other people walking by us might as well be invisible as far as Willie's concerned... except levitra generic the ones who call out an levitra 20 insult. Maybe Willie felt he was protecting the honor of his boyfriend, who happens to be me. I'd encourage him not to do that if I thought it would do any good. The entire episode made me levitra 20mg laugh once we generic vardenafil were down the block a ways. Willie, hearing me chuckle, absently asks, "What's so funny?" He had al